September 2017 - August 2018
Application start 15 November 2016
Application end 30 June 2017
Application end (with scholarship) 30 January 2017

Course Catalogue

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Transformative Contexts

Christophe Golay

Should transitional justice address questions of poverty, systematic inequality and discrimination, or should it rather be limited to serious political and civil rights violations, such as enforced disappearances and torture? How can economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) be implemented concretely in post-conflict or post-authoritarian contexts? What practical challenges are likely to arise? This course provides an introduction to the protection and promotion of ESCR at international, regional and national levels. It explores critically the challenges that may arise when these rights are implemented in post-conflict situations.

Transformative Justice in Theory and Practice: Development and Beyond

Rama Mani

What is the relationship between transitional justice and development? How can social justice claims be addressed in transitional societies? What is the role of culture in transitional justice? This course explores systematically and comprehensively the concept of development (economic, social, cultural, ecological) and its significance in the context of transitional justice. In addition, it reflects critically on innovative concepts like transformative justice as a way of rethinking the field.