September 2017 - August 2018
Application start 15 November 2016
Application end 30 June 2017
Application end (with scholarship) 30 January 2017

Course Catalogue

The Theory and Functions of Criminal Justice in Transitional Contexts

Sévane Garibian

Why do we prosecute after mass atrocities? What are the principles and functions of criminal justice in transitional societies? How does prosecution relate to other transitional justice mechanisms such as truth commissions and reparation? This course addresses the purpose of criminal justice in transitional justice contexts. It presents current theoretical debates and challenges in this area by discussing leading cases at international, regional and national levels.

Practice of International Criminal Justice

William A. Schabas

Has international criminal justice worked in practice? What lessons have been learned from the International Criminal Court? What dilemmas are associated with amnesties for serious crimes such as genocide or crimes against humanity? This course looks at the practice of international criminal justice mechanisms. It examines their historical development and reflects on their contemporary practice.