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Addressing Cutting-Edge Issues in Transitional Justice

The programme includes the Transitional Justice Spring School, a special one-week course that discusses cutting-edge issues in transitional justice. The two last editions (2017 and 2018) focused on the role of memory and culture in transitional processes). Students obtain credits for their participation in Spring School.

In line with the programme’s objective to connect theory and practice, the Spring School is delivered by leading scholars and practitioners. It is held in Spring Semester and is also open to external participants.

2019 Spring School – Confronting the Truth: The Functions, Practices and Challenges of Truth Commissions

Truth Commissions are by now an integral part of the transitional justice vocabulary and practice.

In countries as varied as Peru, South Africa, Timor-Leste, Tunisia, Kenya and Brazil, truth commissions have been set up to investigate the patterns of past human rights violations.

The 2019 Spring School will provide a comprehensive, multidimensional and practical examination of this transitional justice mechanism, shedding light on both its aims and the practical challenges it has met or is likely to meet.

In engaging with these issues, the Spring School will address practically relevant questions about why to set up a truth commission and what role such an institution may play in addressing serious individually and collectively suffered wrongdoing. At the same time, the Spring School will directly engage with relevant questions about how to set up a truth commission, when and by whom.


The Spring School gave us the opportunity to talk about the hot topics of transitional justice.

Mary Diaz Marquez

2017–2018 Student

Spring Term Tracks

During the Spring Semester, three different tracks – Thematic Focus, Clinical Work or Academic Research – allow students to tailor their studies according to their particular interests.

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Study Trip

In the second semester students have the opportunity to go on a study trip to learn about leading institutions and organizations active in the field of transitional justice.

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Our events provide a critical and scholarly forum for experts and practitioners to debate topical humanitarian, human rights and transitional justice issues.

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Career Opportunities

Our objective is to produce graduates who will be leaders in the humanitarian, human rights and transitional justice fields.

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