Andreas Auer

Andreas Auer

Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law at the Universities of Geneva and Zurich

Areas of expertise

Theory of Democracy  /  Direct Democracy  /  Federalism  /  Constitutional Law  /  Constitution Making  /  Political Transition

Andreas Auer is Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law at the Universities of Geneva and Zurich.

With key expertise in democratic institutions, constitutional law, constitution making and political transitions, he regularly serves as an international expert in constitution making and democracy through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Cyprus, South Sudan, Sudan, Mongolia, Burkina Faso).

Professor Auer is the Founding Director of the Centre for Research on Direct Democracy (c2d), an academic research centre dedicated to the study of direct democratic institutions around the world, their history, legal nature, functioning and political implications.

Since 2007 he has been an editorial board member of the European Constitutional Law Review and currently serves as a Counsel for the law firm Umbricht Attorneys Zurich. 

He is also the Founding Director of the University Centre for International Humanitarian Law, which became the Geneva Academy in 2007. He was Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva from 2000 to 2003.

Professor Auer was awarded the Walter Hug Prize in 2002 in recognition of his work on Swiss constitutional law.

Taught Courses

School at Tomping Civilian Protection Site, Juba Master in transitional justice - Course

Constitution-Making and Transitional Justice

This course starts with a series of classical but still basic concepts, recalls the duality of state and civil society and its implications for the constitution, analyzes the schemes and modes of constitution-making and ends by focusing on three contemporary challenges: West Africa, Cyprus and South Sudan.

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Cover of the book Staatsrecht der schweizerischen Kantone

Staatsrecht der schweizerischen Kantone

November 2016

Andreas Auer

Stämpfli Ed Bern

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Cover of the European Constitutional Law Review

Guest Editorial, The People Have Spoken – Abide? (Forthcoming)

February 2017

Andreas Auer

European Constitutional Law Review

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