Merilin  Piipuu

Merilin Piipuu

Managing Director of the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn

Merilin Piipuu is the Managing Director of the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn, Estonia.

Her main task involve the conception of the museum's permanent exibition. In doing so, she deals every day with various questions related to culture, memory, different narratives, public history, personal experiences, power and politics.

Merilin has contributed for more than 10 years to the development of the Estonian civil society. She has led many NGOs and written a book titled ‘Eestimaa Eeskujud’ (Estonian Role-Models), focussing on civil society initiatives of young people in Estonia. Merilin is also one of the founders of the Estonian Centre of Applied Anthropology.

Merilin holds a BA Degree in Sociology and Politics from the University of Essex and a MA Degree in Ethnology from the University of Tartu.