Pauline  Lesaffre

Pauline Lesaffre

Visiting Researcher

Areas of expertise

International Humanitarian Law  /  International Human Rights Law  /  Extraterritoriality  /  Public International Law  /  Classification of Armed Conflicts  /  Non-international Armed Conflicts  /  Geography of Armed Conflicts

Pauline Lesaffre is a FNRS (Fund for Scientific Research) Research Fellow at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and a Visiting Researcher at the Geneva Academy. She is also a Teaching Assistant in public international law and international humanitarian law (IHL) at the University of Louvain.

Her current research focuses on extraterritorial non-international armed conflicts (NIACs) and the challenges they raise for the scope of application of IHL. More precisely, she is studying the material and the geographical scopes of application of the law of NIAC in this regard.

Her previous research areas concern state and foreign state officials’ immunities respectively in relation to grave breaches of international law and international crimes as well as the right to die in the European human rights system.

Pauline holds a Master’s Degree in Civil and Criminal Law from the University of Louvain and a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law from the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas).