Kamelia Kemileva

Kamelia Kemileva

Executive Manager

Kamelia Kemileva is Executive Manager of the Geneva Academy and Co-Coordinator of the Treaty Body Review 2020. She is also a visiting programme director at Wilton Park.

Before joining the Geneva Academy, she was Special Assistant to the President of the UN Human Rights Council for three years. She also worked at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN Office at Geneva. In 2002, she was part of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York.

Kamelia Kemileva has recently worked closely with the Geneva Government on the establishment of a centre for global cooperation in the city. This project significantly developed her knowledge and contacts, both in Geneva and worldwide, within the areas of migration, health, science, disarmament, refugees, environment and trade.

Before moving to the public sector, Kamelia worked for two years in the private sector in a Geneva-based bank where her tasks involved establishing and following up clients’ legal files and, as a compliance officer’s assistant, the creation of a database of the relevant information on regulations against money laundering.

Kamelia Kemileva holds a master’s degree in International Public Law from the University of Geneva. She also holds an MBA diploma, with a focus on non-profit organizations.

Research Projects

Roundtable discussion during the Regional Consultation for North America and the English Speaking Caribbean on the Future of the UN Treaty Body System Project

Academic Platform on Treaty Body Review 2020

The Geneva Academy is coordinating the academic input to the 2020 review of UN treaty bodies by the UN General Assembly via the creation of an academic network of independent researchers, a call for papers, a series of regional consultations, annual conferences in Geneva, as well as ongoing interactions with key stakeholders.

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Peru, Lima. Anti-riot policemen during a demonstration. Project

Current Human Rights Challenges

This initiative aims at creating a platform allowing leading academics, experts and practitioners who work on right to life issues. It also develops research identifying and discussing some of the cutting-edge development as far as this seminal right is concerned, in the human rights, humanitarian law and the violence reduction contexts.

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Putis, Peru. The clothes of missing child found in a mass grave close to the village at the exhibition organized for the relatives of victimes. The family will be able to identify their missing relatives. Project


This project, initiated in 2014 by the Swiss Chair of International Humanitarian Law, Professor Noam Lubell, intends to identify, via expert meetings and research, a set of best practices that states should apply when they investigate or examine alleged violations or misconduct in situations of armed conflict.

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