Dor Hai

Dor Hai

Teaching Assistant

Areas of expertise

International Humanitarian Law  /  International Criminal Law  /  Law on the Use of Force  /  Interplay between IHL and Human Rights Law

Dor Hai is a Teaching Assistant at the Geneva Academy. His research includes the application and applicability of the law governing the use of force during armed conflict, and the relationship between the Jus Ad Bellum and the Jus in Bello.

Prior to joining the Geneva Academy, worked as a Legal Advisor at the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, International Law Department, at the Israeli Ministry of Justice. He also worked as a Teaching Assistant at Tel-Aviv University in the fields of international humanitarian law and public international law and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in the field of international law of occupation. Previously, he worked as a Teaching Assistant at Reichman University in the International Humanitarian and Criminal Law Clinic.

Dor holds a law degree from Reichman University, Herzliya and LLM in International Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.