George Dvaladze

George Dvaladze

Teaching Assistant

Areas of expertise

International Humanitarian Law  /  Qualification of Armed Conflict  /  International Human Rights Law  /  Enforced Disappearances  /  Non-Discrimination  /  UN Human Rights Mechanisms

George Dvaladze is a Teaching Assistant at the Geneva Academy. He has been a PhD candidate at the Law Faculty, University of Geneva, since 2015.

His research focuses on international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law, in particular the principle of equality and non-discrimination in armed conflict.

He was previously Editorial Assistant at the International Review of the Red Cross and Project Coordinator at the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center and contributed to the International Committee of the Red Cross Online Casebook: How does law protect in war? and IHL in action: Respect for the law on the battlefield. He also worked as a legal adviser at the Public International Law Department of the Ministry of Justice, Georgia.

George was a lecturer at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, where he taught IHL. He is the founder of a Georgian-language online academic database on IHL.

He holds an LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights from the Geneva Academy.


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George Dvaladze

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