September 2019 - August 2020
Study Mode Full-time
Application start 19 November 2018
Application end 1 March 2019
Application end (with scholarship) 1 February 2019


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Core Courses

The Legal Protection of Children in Post-Conflict Societies

Cécile Aptel

What is the international legal framework applicable to children in post-conflict societies? Why do children need special protection in these situations? What are some of the dilemmas? How does transitional justice address the question of child soldiers? This course focuses on children, as a particular group, in periods of transition. It looks at the practice of transitional justice mechanisms, including courts and truth commissions, as well as reparation. It also provides some insight into current policy developments at the level of the United Nations and other international organizations.

Human Rights and Transitional Justice: Victims’ Perspective

Clara Sandoval

What human rights standards are applicable in times of transition? What rights do victims have? What constitutes an effective remedy after mass atrocities? What is the role of international and regional human rights bodies and courts in this respect? This course draws out the links between the field of transitional justice and human rights. It provides students with a thorough background on legal obligations and theories in the field of human rights. Specific case studies of transitional societies enable students to better understand challenges and tensions, for example regarding the question of peace versus justice.