Victoria  Priori

Victoria Priori

Teaching Assistant

Areas of expertise

International Humanitarian Law  /  International Human Rights Law  /  International Criminal Law  /  Non-State Armed Groups

Victoria Priori is a Teaching Assistant at the Geneva Academy and a PhD Candidate at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Her research broadly focuses on the application of international criminal law norms to members of non-state armed groups.

Before joining the Geneva Academy, Victoria has been for the past two years a Teaching Assistant at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Alongside the teaching assistant experience, Victoria has been working as a researcher for the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Opinion Irene Khan. Among other topics, she researched the extraterritoriality of human rights, disinformation and manipulation of information in armed conflicts. She has also assisted an ILC member during the 72nd session of the Commission, as well as worked on other research projects during her studies at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

Victoria holds a master's degree from the Geneva Graduate Institute and before that she was enrolled as a bachelor's student at Bocconi University, in Milan.


To what extent is international criminal law still primarily concerned with prosecuting crimes connected to the state?

July 2022

Victoria Priori

Armed Groups and International Law

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Victoria Priori

Amsterdam Law Forum 13(2)

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The UK Supreme Court in R v Reeves Taylor: A Missed Opportunity to Bridge State and Individual Responsibility

February 2021

Victoria Priori

Opinio Juris

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Bibliography of Resources Relating to Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

November 2019

Victoria Priori, Paola Gaeta, Marta Bo, Abhimanyu George Jain

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