Past Events

Hands raising in the air Event

Monitoring the “Global Partnership for Development”

16 October 2015, 12:30-14:30

At this panel discussion we will discuss whether the document provides for sufficient tools to ensure the “mutual accountability” needed to ensure delivery of the implementation in order to realize the goals in full respect of human rights.

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People in Garbage Dump Event

Peut-on éradiquer la faim d'ici 2030 ? le droit à l'alimentation et les objectifs du développement durable

7 October 2015, 18:30-20:00

A l’occasion de la Journée Genève solidaire, la Fédération genevoise de coopération (FGC) et l'Académie de droit international humanitaire et de droits humains à Genève ont le plaisir de vou

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Pictue of children in class Event

Human Rights Policy Responses to the Growth of Private Actors in Education

12 June 2015, 12:00-14:00

This event will discuss human rights policy responses to the growth of private actors in education

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Demonstration improvised explosive device components used by the Afghan police to conduct evidence collection training at the Police Training Centre in Uruzgan. Improvised Explosive Devices

2015 Platform Meeting: Building Coordinated Processes and Responses

8-9 June 2015

This first meeting of the platform on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) will focus on the absence of coordinated discussion or action on IEDs by the international community beyond the discussions within the Convention on Conventional Weapons.<

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